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Published On - May 13, 2023


In an effort to lighten the stress on Googlebot, its main search index crawler, Google has launched a new web crawler named “GoogleOther”. The new crawler is developed to improve and streamline Google’s crawling processes.

As we know, web crawlers are automated programs that find and browse websites. They are also known by the name robots or spiders. The Google Search index is created by Googlebot, which is the company’s main web crawler. Websites’ content, structure, and links are gathered through crawling. Following that, a searchable index that powers Google’s search results is created using this data.

What is GoogleOther?

GoogleOther is a generic web crawler that different Google product teams will utilise to gather content from websites that is available to the general public.

GoogleOther will continue to function alongside Googlebot, the primary Google Search crawler. GoogleBot will continue to be the most crucial crawler for websites that need frequent updates or have high crawl rates, even while GoogleOther is expected to handle a significant amount of crawling jobs.

What is a Crawler?

Any program that automatically finds and scans websites by following links from one online page to another is known as a “crawler” in general. It can also refer to a “robot” or “spider” in some cases. The main Google crawler is called Googlebot.

List of Crawlers Till Now

There are two types of Google crawlers- Common and Special case.

Google’s common crawlers are utilised for the creation of its search indexes, numerous product-specific crawls, and analysis. They normally crawl from the IP ranges listed in the googlebot.json record and always obey robots.txt directives.

List of Common Crawlers:

  • Googlebot Smartphone
  • Googlebot Desktop
  • Googlebot Image
  • Googlebot News
  • Googlebot Video
  • Google Favicon
  • Google StoreBot
  • GoogleOther

Special-case crawlers use particular items with which the crawled site has an agreement on the crawl process. The special-case crawlers might disregard robots.txt directives; they use a different IP range than the regular crawlers. The special-crawlers.json object contains the IP ranges that are made public.

List of Special-Case Crawlers:

  • APIs-Google
  • AdsBot Mobile Web Android
  • AdsBot Mobile Web
  • AdsBot
  • AdSense
  • Mobile AdSense

Work and Roles for GoogleOther

GoogleOther’s main goal is to optimise and streamline Google’s crawling operations by assigning crawling tasks to other crawlers. Another objective of the new GoogleOther crawler┬áis to take over Googlebot’s present non-essential features. The research and development (R&D) crawl and other responsibilities not directly linked to search indexing will be handled by GoogleOther.

Some of the work and roles for GoogleOther are mentioned below:

  • Effectively crawl websites: The launch of GoogleOther is expected to lighten the burden on Googlebot and enable more effective website crawling. As a result, Google will be able to crawl more pages and websites, which will enhance the relevancy and quality of search results.
  • Increase Crawling Speed: In order to improve the pace at which search results are updated, Google wants to crawl more pages and websites using GoogleOther.
  • Better Search Results Accuracy and Relevancy: Google will be able to deliver more accurate, relevant, and current search results by strengthening its crawling activities, making it simpler for users to discover the information they require.
  • Easily Accessible Content: Several Google product teams will retrieve publicly accessible content from websites using GoogleOther. It will collaborate with Googlebot, which will continue to serve as the main Google Search crawler.

What is The Impact of Googleother on Websites?

Google has introduced a GoogleOther to improve and streamline its web crawling procedures. Even while it is not expected that the launch of GoogleOther would have a big influence on websites, it is still an important move that website owners should be aware of.

Below are some possible effects of GoogleOther on websites:

  • Crawling frequency: GoogleOther may visit websites more often than Googlebot, which may affect some websites’ crawl budget and frequency.
  • Access and Crawling Behavior: Website owners who want to manage GoogleOther’s access and crawling behaviour may need to alter their robots.txt files to add the necessary directives.
  • Performance Problems: In some situations, GoogleOther’s crawling activities may lead to unanticipated problems with websites, including poor page times, elevated bounce rates, or decreased user interest.

Website owners can use the following steps to track GoogleOther’s effects on their sites:

  • Analyze server logs
  • Update robots.txt
  • Keep an eye on Google Search Console crawl statistics.
  • Track website performance

How To Get Your Website Crawled Frequently?

You must get your website frequently crawled by search engines to increase your website’s visibility and search engine rankings. To boost the number of times your website is crawled, try the following steps mentioned below:

  • Improve Website Popularity

Boost the popularity of your website by getting more high-quality links pointing at it, enhancing social signals, and advertising your website through numerous internet channels.

  • Ensure Crawlability

By avoiding duplicate content, utilising descriptive URLs, and developing an XML sitemap, you can ensure that search engines can crawl and index the pages on your website.

  • Optimize Website Structure

Improve the layout of your website by using headings and subheadings to arrange the content in a hierarchical manner clearly. Use internal linking to make sure key pages are accessible and to aid search engines in finding new pages.

  • Create Valuable Content

Consistently produce high-quality, original, and relevant content for your website that benefits your audience.

  • Utilise Social Media

Promote your website and content on social media channels to improve visibility, boost traffic, and foster social signals.


In conclusion, Google released a new web crawler, “GoogleOther”, in an effort to optimise and optimise its crawling processes. In order to increase the relevance and quality of search results, SEO is the one that will help you. The visibility and ranking of a website on search engine results pages (SERPs) can be enhanced by SEO.

SEO can aid Google in understanding a website’s relevance and authority for particular keywords and topics by optimising a variety of components of the site, including its content, structure, and links. A website can become more attractive and user-friendly for both search engines and visitors with the help of effective SEO.

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